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Educational Helps | 2 Minutes

Creative Ways to Practice Spelling Lists

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Creative Ways to Practice Spelling Lists

When your child hates writing and gets bored easily, it’s pretty hard to help them stay on track with learning their spelling. Here are some fun ways I’ve found to practice any spelling list!

1. Create a Crossword Puzzle

There are plenty of crossword puzzle makers online, but Discovery Education has one that’s easy to use and free. Bonus: kids also learn the definitions of the words.

2. Create a Word Search

Another fun puzzle that really forces kids to memorize the letters in the words. Discovery Education also has a template for this.

3. Code Breaker

This one is fun because it can be themed. Come up with your own icon for each letter of the alphabet, then spell the words in code. You can use emojis, jack-o-lanterns, Christmas ornaments, etc.

4. Write a Story

Practice using the words in sentences by coming up with a story that incorporates all of them. Make sure your child writes and underlines the words in the list even if they don’t write the entire story.

5. Spell with Letter Tiles or Magnetic Letters

No writing is involved with this one! Either write the word on paper and have your child cover the letters with letter tiles or magnetic letters, or say the word and have them spell the words on their own.

6. Use Wikki Sticks or Pipe Cleaners

Younger kids will have fun with this one. Have kids shape the letters with wiki sticks or pipe cleaners.

7. Use White Crayon and Water Color

Another great one for younger kids. They can use “invisible ink” (white crayon) to spell out the words on paper, then reveal the word by painting over it with watercolor paint.

8. Spelling Bingo

Simply print the spelling words on a 5x5 bingo card, then read them aloud. When someone gets bingo they have to spell all the words out loud in the row.

9. Put them in Alphabetical Order

Print the spelling words on index cards and shuffle them. Have your child put them in alphabetical order. Go a step further and have your child sort the words according to spelling rules.

10. Word Scramble

This one might be a little confusing for young kids, so use it when your child has a decent grasp on how to spell the words in the list. If you want a quick and easy way to scramble the words, use this word scrambler.