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Student Spotlight | 3 Minutes

Another School Year Begins

Written by VP Admin
Another School Year Begins

It’s Labor Day, and Laurie and I find ourselves in a ritual I expect many easterners experience—returning from the “shore,” as we call it. We were in Cape May, New Jersey, for the day and now are crawling home at 10 mph. This is not our routine, our ritual, but it’s evident that it is the habit of many. Getting one last ocean visit in before summer ends and school begins is obviously a popular idea.

Now we turn our thoughts to a new school year. Why do we do this with our kids?

It’s easy to take the fact of educating our children for granted. Routines can be like that. We just do them. We lead them from kindergarten through 12th grade, and then they go to college or to work or to raise a family. But why?

I’ll tell you why we (at Veritas) do what we do.

Last week I interviewed a couple former students—one at an honors college who graduated a couple years ago from VPSA, another who has completed college and now works on Wall Street. They both talked with unbridled praise for their teachers, what they learned, and how it has set them apart. These were goose bump moments. Twenty years ago, when Veritas Press was just getting started, we could talk about what we hoped to produce. Now it has flesh and blood. These former Veritas students can (and do) speak to the impact of the gospel through all of what they do. They know where they are going and why. They are taking steps toward leadership and accomplishment well ahead of their peers. And they’re doing it for the sake of Christ. It’s inspiring.

I also interviewed a college dean at one school and the president of another college. They were unwavering in their sentiment. They love Veritas students. “They are ready for the hard work.” “They’re leaders already.” “They’re engaged and have much to contribute.” These were just some of their effusive thoughts.

As we partner with you, and as you raise these young children, know that these young people are the next generation and it should give us great hope. They will bring a much-needed godly ethic to business. Honoring God with their wealth. They will be the next generation of pastors. Not only will they know and preach God’s Word faithfully, but they will have the wisdom and leadership skills to shepherd God’s flock. They will be parents, the kind we want them to be. They’ll love their children and love and respect their spouses.

Watching the developing presidential campaign can be amusing. How we should long for the day when our classically educated children run for office. We can be confident that they will bring much needed trust and a real sense of civil service—the kind that actually serves!

To be sure, they will make mistakes—probably big ones. Yet I expect their hearts will be softer, their knowledge of God’s Word clearer, and their repentance quick and substantive.

It has been an incredibly busy summer in the Veritas offices. Our customer service department has worked hard to serve you, and they are to be commended. Now it’s your turn. Your work begins for another year.

Just don’t let it be “just another year.” What’s happening here is exactly what we dreamed it could be.


Marlin Detweiler

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