Live Webinar

Dual enrollment, accredited diplomas, and AP classes, oh my! 😱

Are you just as confused and, frankly, a little bit scared as us when we first thought about navigating the high school years? We were there once!

You already feel the weight of responsibility to give your kids the best education, but now as things get serious, it’s overwhelming to guide your student through the best options that will prepare them for college, trade schools, and beyond.

Here’s your chance to get clarity and make a real plan!

🧭 Join VSA Academic Advisors Michelle Langley and Dion Mote on Wednesday, August 10 at 4 PM Eastern for a live, 1-hour webinar to talk about all things high school.

They’ll explain in great detail the diploma program, AP classes, dual enrollment, and what taking even a single live class at Veritas will do for your student.

All are welcome to attend this webinar, no matter the age of your kids. It’s never too early to learn!

🙋The best part of the LIVE webinar is that you can ask questions! Along with Michelle and Dion, many additional Veritas Scholars Academy Academic Advisors will be attending the live webinar and available to answer your questions.

📫Make sure to R.S.V.P! There are limited spots available, so register today to save your seat!

No more confusion.

No more worry.

No more staying up late at night wondering how to even begin.

This webinar will give you all the help you need to start (or continue!) your student’s high school journey.

See you there!