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Expand Your Offerings with Live Courses

The Veritas Scholars Academy offers nearly any course you might need. Increasingly, schools take classes online with us - whether for a specialized course, expert teacher, or needing to fall under our Middle States accreditation. Some schools end at 6th or 8th grade and want us to complete their high school. Whatever the reason we have served many schools with great flexibility.

Our First Priority

Our first priority is in preparing students for life. Veritas can come along your school with a flexible approach to provide everything you need to see your students flourish.

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How would your school benefit from Live Online Classes?


Expand Your Curriculum

Provide classes you don't have the staff or resources to offer.


Looking for Help Teaching

Schools that want help teaching the most difficult subjects.


Dual Enrollment Credits

VSA has partnered with Cairn University to offer dual enrollment credits to full-time (diploma) and part-time students.


Get an Innovative Education

Curriculum taught by expert teachers in the Veritas Virtual Classroom.


Use Our Award Winning Curriculum

Classical education's most awarded curriculum that you and your students will love.


Prepare Your Children for Life

Develop students that are prepared for whatever calling God has for their lives.

Together, we can provide the best education possible for your students.