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What a Surprise! (Short story contest winner - Grade 3)

Marlin Detweiler Written by Marlin Detweiler
What a Surprise! (Short story contest winner - Grade 3)
This week, we're sharing the winning entries from our recent short story contest. This first one was written by our youngest winner - Azrielle Nathania Ginting What a Surprise! Violet hated wearing her hair in a bun. She also hated wearing dresses and the tiara that went with them. Violet secretly wished she was a unicorn trainer. They got to have all the fun! Which is why, this year, Violet was going to run away with the traveling unicorn show. There was just one thing stopping her – she was a princess. One day Violet and her best friend Katy went to the library to borrow books about how to train a unicorn. Then they went to Violet’s room at the palace to read and imagine as unicorn trainers. Suddenly Violet locked the door and showed Katy a brochure she accidentally found at the library. It was a brochure about a unicorn circus! They read the brochure excitedly, then Katy said, “Violet, do you really want to be a unicorn trainer?” “It’s the only thing I’ve always dreamed of,” Violet answered. “But you are a princess. Surely the King and the Queen will not…?” Katy asked, but Violet stopped her, “Ssshhh! Don’t speak too loud. My mom and dad will never let me be a unicorn trainer and go around the world with a unicorn circus. So promise me that you will not tell anybody about this.” They stopped reading books and talked about Violet’s plan to join the unicorn circus. Of course, she had to change her princess dress to an ordinary girl’s dress and go out of the palace quietly. Nobody must know! Luckily, the King and the Queen were taking a trip to visit another country. Violet and Katy packed snacks and drinks for Violet, went quietly out of the palace gate. When they had to say farewell, they hugged each other and almost cried. But Violet had to hurry, soon it will be evening. So Katy let her go and Violet continued her trip alone, in silence. Not far from the palace gate there was a large open space for performances. Violet found the unicorn circus which was about to leave. People were busy unpacking tents and unicorn cages, also loading things on their caravans. Violet immediately listed herself on the junior unicorn trainer program using a fake name Rosy. The head trainer told her to go to the backstage to meet other junior unicorn trainers. She was so happy that she quickly made friends with some of them. Her friends were Alexis, Ruth, and Emma. Violet enjoyed her time with the circus so much. Although the training was hard and long, and was done while the circus group traveling from town to town in sometimes bad weather, Violet found out that all the circus people were kind and her new friends were cool. After months of training and traveling, the group went to Vienna to perform. The head trainer announced that the junior trainers would do their first performance there. Violet was very nervous, but her friends cheered her up. They said, “We know you can do it, Rosy. You’re the best of us all.” “Thank you, guys, for supporting me,” said Violet. When they arrived in Vienna, the head trainer said to them, “Team, we are going to perform in the most famous building in Vienna. Now walk slowly and properly, and do well there. Have fun!” They were all so excited and nervous. But there was one secret that Violet never knew: that her mom and dad were visiting the city of Vienna! Azrielle Nathania Ginting, Grade: 3 - Jakarta, Indonesia  

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