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The Importance of Thinking: Logic and Rhetoric

Written by VP Admin
The Importance of Thinking: Logic and Rhetoric

Have you ever said or heard someone else say, “We just don’t teach children to think anymore”? The buzz phrase “critical thinking” is all over the education world, whether you homeschool or have your child in a school. And it doesn’t take much to know that there is a reason for you to be so concerned. For the most part, we really don’t teach our children to think.

Our children will be faced with navigating a world that is increasingly difficult to “read between the lines.” Things like the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of life have become quite blurred even in the Christian arena. Dealing with these topics biblically can be an extraordinary challenge.

As you may know we at Veritas Press are concerned to recover the lost tools of learning. In our classical Christian educational approach we don’t ignore the big issues like learning to think. The deeper we move into our pedagogical model of education the more we realize how critical it is to have children learn logic as it is in all reality teaching thinking! In other words, to teach the discipline of logic is teaching the art and science of teaching thinking.

Of course, thinking clearly and biblically is only half the need. The other is being able to express that thinking precisely, articulately and winsomely. Teaching rhetoric is the crucial way students carefully and artfully learn how to be effective in all forms of communication.

We have seen children of common ordinary folks like us rise to great heights in their ability to reason and engage with these, the right tools for the jobs they are faced with.

Veritas Press Scholars Academy has some incredible gifted teachers whose calling it is to help your children learn these disciplines. Your children will not only grow in knowledge, but you will be amazed at their ability to apply Biblical wisdom to the world around them as they study logic, and then later as they study rhetoric. They will quickly find themselves part of restoring our culture for Christ…one young heart and mind at a time.

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