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Notes from the Road - Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina

Marlin Detweiler Written by Marlin Detweiler
Notes from the Road - Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina
January 18, 2014 – Raleigh (10:00), Charlotte (6:30) A well-located community center venue in Raleigh was not enough to draw out more than a meager crowd. Saturday morning proved to be a questionable time to meet. The puzzle competition was well-received again. And, interestingly many who did attend traveled considerable distance. It’s becoming apparent that urban areas will likely support more than one VPSA community. It will certainly depend on the type and frequency of what a group does. I expect monthly social events and field trips will serve larger areas than more frequently occurring extra-curriculars such as theatre, music initiatives and sports. It was fun to see another teacher in Raleigh, Cynthia Jackson and her affable husband joined us there. We were also pleased to learn of interest in Cary as well as the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area from the attendees. Lunch with the friends was followed by a traffic-laden trip to Charlotte.

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What a gracious and hospitable church our Charlotte venue turned out to be. Myers Park Baptist Church not only has a large beautiful campus nestled in a very old and impressive residential community, but the staff also have hearts as big as the physical presence of the buildings. We are very grateful for their provision. Again, the attendees were a wonderful mix of families from near and far. A missionary family that served in East Africa and now lives nearby were the first to arrive.  It was fun to see so many diploma families in attendance. Most memorable were two young men. One, a young teen, who was full of probing questions that included if he could come and work or volunteer with our company. Another who talked so much, engaging with us in all kinds of discussion, his mother thought it necessary to apologize. I want to go on record to say that I love these kinds of kids. They are the future leaders that give me hope. In my experience, the engaging nature of such a character (when carefully directed) can produce a courageous godly leader that can have great influence. I am thrilled to have them getting a classical Christian education with us. Off to Atlanta for a restful Sunday with my sister and her family. We meet next on the north side of Atlanta, Monday night. - Marlin (Veritas Press Founder, Marlin Detweiler) ______________________ In order to get the word out about our new VPSA Local Communities, Founders, Marlin and Laurie Detweiler - along with their son Brandon - are hosting Family Game Night events in 13 cities nationwide over 16 days. We're posting  Marlin's "Notes from the Road" to let everyone in on what's happening and enjoy some of the photos and videos.