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How do Complete Grade-Level Packages Work?

How do Complete Grade-Level Packages Work?

Do you like the idea of ordering an entire grade’s worth of books in one go? Here’s some info you may want to know about Complete Grade Level packages.

🔅Complete Packages listed on the website list the cost without the live classes added. Look right next to the price to see that it says the added cost to attend the live classes. Check that price for the full cost of books + the live class.

🔅You can still purchase a complete package if you already purchased a Live Online class. A Family Consultant will reach out to you after purchase to ensure all funds are handled properly.

🔅Self Paced courses are included when you purchase a Self-Paced course.

🔅If you choose the Complete Package + the live class, it doesn’t mean they’re enrolled in the Veritas Diploma Program. If that interests you, then we advise enrolling in the program before purchasing your package.

You don’t have to figure out what your student needs all on their own. Family Consultants are ready to help you! During a Free Consultation, they can talk through your students' courses with you to figure out what works best for your family’s needs. You can sign up for one here: