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Are You Ready for Live Registration?

Ashlyn Fabrick Written by Ashlyn Fabrick
Are You Ready for Live Registration?

Here is your Live Course Registration checklist that will help ensure your registration goes smoothly!

As a reminder, here are the Registration Dates.

  • December 1, 12pm EST : Premium Diploma families (Diploma fee must be paid first by calling customer service, then the schedule is set in a meeting with the advisor)

  • February 1, 12pm EST: Classic Diploma families (Diploma fee must be paid first by calling customer service, then the family can register for classes).

  • February 3, 12pm EST: Returning Live Families, non-Diploma

  • February 6, 12pm EST: New Families, non-Diploma

1. Log in to your parent account.

2. Pin your courses in advance for quick access later when registration opens.

  • Pinning courses in advance is a great way to plan and view your schedule all in one place so you’re ready when registration opens.

  • Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to pin classes.

  • If you hit “Show all,” you can see all the other class times right here where your pins are. This is helpful if you “double schedule” or a class fills up while going to register. It is a faster way to find another time that works.

3. Join the Rewards Club

  • There are multiple benefits of the Rewards Club, so make sure to check out the full details of all that is offered.

  • One major benefit of being a Rewards Club member is that you will receive $100 off your last payment of the Payment Plan per student enrolled in four (4) or more Live Courses.

  • You must purchase the Rewards Club before you register in order to get the discount.

  • Rewards Club Terms & Conditions

4. Decide if you’re going to pay in full or make monthly payments.

  • There is a $25 discount for each course you pay in full at registration!

    If you are taking advantage of the Pay In Full discount, be sure to follow these next steps.

  • The paid-in-full discount will be applied immediately when placing an order on the phone through a service representative.


  • If the course was paid online, register your classes and pay the full amount due.
    • Email within 24 hours of registration with the following information to receive a refund equal to the discount.
      • Parent Name

      • Email on the parent account

      • The number of classes you paid in full

      • If you are a Rewards Club member, include that information to get your $100 off.

Now you’re ready to register when registration opens! Click here to register or watch this quick tutorial to help you get started.