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Tara Dunn

Tara Dunn

Service Representative

Tara taught at a Classical School using Veritas curriculum in 2008-2009. Since then she has used it homeschooling her 3 children - ages 12, 10, and 8. Their favorite products from Veritas are any and all of the self-paced courses, the literature selections, and Bede's Timeline. They have made so many beautiful memories with Veritas.

Tara succeeds as a bit of a matchmaker for families, making sure that when she gets off of the phone with them they have the perfect fit for their unique situation. She also makes it her goal to empower them and give them confidence in the path that they chose.

Tara has a teaching certificate and a Masters in Education from Missouri State University, along with 3 years teaching experience in a classroom and 7 years homeschooling.

Tara enjoys playing any and all board games with her family. They also enjoy reading together and are currently finishing up the Lord of the Rings. Her kids would say that her hobby is cleaning, but she would say it is more of bringing order to chaos. She also enjoys rock climbing with her son- they've only been in the gym, but are anxious to actually get out on a crag and give it a try.