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Candice Forte

Candice Forte

Customer Service Representative

Candice is a Customer Service Representative with Veritas Press. Her daily goal is to bless the Veritas Press families and her coworkers by helping find solutions to daily challenges they are facing.

She grew up in Northeast Ohio where she enjoyed a prep career of strong academics, sports like softball and basketball, and music (she plays saxophone, trumpet, and guitar mainly). After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Toledo with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, she took her first job in the biotech industry in upstate New York. She married her college sweetheart, Jonathan, a Geotechnical Engineer she met and dated the entirety of engineering school, and they moved to Oklahoma, then North Carolina, then back to Oklahoma, then Nebraska, and finally settled in....Oklahoma. They have 2 children and chose to start homeschooling them when the oldest was 3 and it was laid on their hearts to homeschool. Candice and Jonathan used a few other curricula and settled on Veritas Press when their son, Cole, was around 4th grade. Cole is currently an 8th grade diploma student in the 22-23 school year and their daughter, Katie, is 8 and takes 3 courses live with VSA. Candice started working for Veritas in June of 2022.

Candice enjoys hiking, reading, drawing, painting, crafting, photography, and just about anything with her family. You can find her family out walking or playing pickleball in the evenings. They are active members of their church and serve in a variety of ministries.