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VSA & Novare Science

Dr. Bob Cannon Written by Dr. Bob Cannon
VSA & Novare Science

In 2015, Veritas Scholars Academy expanded its Secondary School math options to include the following Saxon math courses (in addition to those we had already been offering): Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. We wanted for students and their families to choose among curricula that would both be effective and best suit their needs. Usually, one would choose one curriculum or the other based on anticipated career choices. We believe that if one has ambitions to become an engineer, it would be most beneficial to study Jacobs Algebra, for example. But if one were intent on becoming a humanities teacher, the student would be well served by Saxon.

Once again, we are expanding our families’ options with tried-and-true curricula. Specifically, we are adding math and science options that Veritas families will find valuable in the education of their children. Laurie Detweiler has written on Math-U-See (great story); this piece is about science. Apologia has been a mainstay at Veritas for many years. Indeed, we count their founder Jay Wile a friend, and appreciate Dr. Wile’s having created a curriculum that any homeschool mom might acclaim. We anticipate continuing to leverage Apologia and its commitment to science grounded in creationism for many years to come. But is there another curriculum we’d endorse – another one that will prepare students well for a future, perhaps, in science and related disciplines like math and engineering? We think we’ve found such an opportunity in Novare Science.

If you have been using Apologia in your home education program for your children, you might consider whether your child is strongly inclined toward the sciences. If so, you might discern that “making the switch” is in his or her best interests. If you do consider such a transition, recognize that Novare was designed by a science teacher in a formal school setting – a different approach from that of Dr. Wile. Also recognize that Novare approaches scientific topics with a bit more depth, whereas Apologia might be described as having greater breadth. Again, akin to curricular options in math, considering a student’s academic tendencies should help parents determine the best placement. Of course, VSA’s full-time diploma program has academic advisors who can help navigate these decisions as well.

All that said, it is worth noting that Veritas remains wholly committed to teaching science from a distinctly biblical perspective. There are both old and new perspectives that at times seem to be – indeed, often are – in conflict with the biblical account of creation, even calling into question whether there was a literal Adam and Eve. We don’t struggle with this question, and would even say that science continues to validate what we believers hold dear in the sacred text. Rest assured, Veritas will continue to honor God’s Word and remain unshaken. Whatever science curriculum or courses you choose, this much is certain – Veritas will be here to support you. We’re passionate about young learners; they remain central in our mission to restore culture to Christ.

If you have questions about the Novare Science products now available from Veritas Press, please contact our service department for more information.