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One of Three Ways to Learn: Self-Paced Courses

One of Three Ways to Learn: Self-Paced Courses

As wonderful as homeschooling is, life can get busy. Multiple students, part-time work, or even just a much-needed break during the day… Sometimes you want to set your student up and have them handle a subject on their own. Self-Paced courses are here to answer your wish. An online, interactive software, Self-Paced courses utilize a combination of engaging games, slides, and videos to bring history, Bible, and literature to life. Students watch lessons daily and periodically take graded assessments that are automatically created by the system. At the end of the year, you can print off an official grade report. If you’d like an example, you can view samples lessons here

Like the You Teach method, Self-Paced courses give you the added benefit of extra flexibility, but with some independence thrown in. Each course is built to be completed within 8-9 months, but you have access to the subscription for 12 months in case life happens or you want to take longer with the course. Since you have access to the course 24/7, you can do a lesson a day and or tailor your schedule on the fly. If you run out of time, we always have course extensions available for purchase so you don’t lose your progress or have to repurchase the entire course. It’s the perfect way to get some extra time in your school day, foster responsible independence in your student, and get an accredited grade report hassle-free. 

Right now, three subjects are available in Self-Paced format: Bible (2nd-6th Grade), History (2nd-6th Grade), and Omnibus (7th-12th Grade). Every course is built to be multi-level, so you can have students in different grades take it together. Want to have your 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grades study the same period of history? Go for it! 

We’ve got kits for everything and Self-Paced kits are no exception. Check out Omnibus Self-Paced Kits, which include all the reading materials for our Self-Paced course. While only Omnibus has required reading material, you can also look into our History Literature Kits for some fun, optional literature that pairs up with period your student is learning about. Since students of different reading levels can take the same course, you’ll notice we have two “levels” History literature kits. Level 1 is meant for students 2nd-3rd Grade. Level 2 is for 4th-6th Grade students. A reading schedule is automatically included with the Self-Paced course, so you know exactly what book to read for which grade level even if you just want to use whatever books you already own. 

Bible and Omnibus are both iPad-supported and we hope to have History join them soon! You can see if your computer is compatible by running our Compatibility Wizard and checking our technology requirements

Now through 12/14/2020 buy two self-paced courses and get one free!  Use code: ONEFORFREE at checkout.