Epistula | 2 Minutes

In Like a Lion...

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, meaning it starts with harsh winter weather and ends (hopefully) with a mild, calm spring-like weather. The last few weeks in Pennsylvania have followed an unpredictable lion-lamb-lion-lion pattern. This got my kids asking question like, “Mommy, where did our snowman go?” one balmy 60-degree day in February, just after snowstorm. So we started talking about the weather - more specifically the water cycle. Now my 2-year-old tells people that when our snowman disappears, it goes up into the clouds (he may have missed a few steps).

To help teach my kids (ages 2 and 5) about the water cycle, we did some activities. First we got some shaving cream, blue food dye, water and a clear plastic cup. We filled the cup two-thirds of the way with water and sprayed foam shaving cream on top. In a separate cup we mixed blue food dye and water. Using a dropper, we dropped blue water droplets into the shaving cream until it got so heavy, the blue water started streaming down like rain showers. I’d call it a perfect rainy day activity.

Next, to illustrate the lion/lamb idiom, we glued cotton balls and pieces of yellow tissue paper to paper plates to make cute lion and lamb masks.

And of course we found some books about weather. Here are some of our favorites: Our Weather & Water from Answers in Genesis, Little Kids First Big Book of Weather from National Geographic Kids and The Everything Kids Weather Book by Joe Snedeker. Ask us how to purchase them!

For older kids, I found this neat resource with the Smithsonian Science Education Center where you can be  your own meteorologist by selecting air masses and ocean currents and predict the weather.

And, of course, what better way to experience the weather than by getting outside and actually enjoying it!