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Educational Helps | 2 Minutes

Educational Helps: Enclosed Ecospheres

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Educational Helps: Enclosed Ecospheres

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. On the one hand, it helps me stay connected to other homeschool families and inspiration. On the other hand, once I start swiping through, I am completely consumed in my little screen instead of the world around me. Regardless of my ambivalence, the idea for this month’s Educational Helps actually came from TikTok. Enclosed ecospheres are apparently trending right now.

When I was little we did the same thing but we called it “making soup.” If you aren’t privy to the ecosphere fad (and I don’t blame you), it is essentially creating an aquarium or terrarium from native soil, plants, bugs, water, and all of the microorganisms that come along with it. The idea is that the mini-ecosystem you create is entirely self-sustaining. That includes the cycle of oxygen to carbon dioxide, of growth and decay, and of consumption and excretion. What a fascinating way to experience God’s creation in your own home! I do have to include a disclaimer though, not every enclosed ecosphere will work. God created the world perfectly and we are trying to recreate those perfect natural systems ourselves. But guess what–we aren’t perfect. The basic instructions are below, but I recommend checking out some videos online for tips and inspiration. I’ve seen ecospheres that have been enclosed for a decade! Just remember to approach things as you would all things you see online, with a sense of humility (and maybe even a sense of humor).

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