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Educational Helps (September)

Educational Helps (September)

If you’re looking to add something new to your homeschool routine this year, consider PoetryTeatime. The idea has been gaining traction in homeschool settings over the past year or so and for good reason. Poetry has a reputation for being difficult to understand, teach and write. So introducing it in a more relaxed setting with treats and conversation has proven to be a more successful way. Poetry not only becomes less daunting but I’ve read about parents who have seen Poetry Teatime instill a love of poetry in their children.

So here’s how you do it.

  1. Choose a tea time. It can be once a month or once week but make it the same day and time. Put it on the calendar so that children have a chance to look forward to it.
  2. Choose poetry. Before the scheduled tea time, take a trip to the library to pick out some poetry books. Let each child choose their own to share.
  3. Choose tea and treats. My kids like drinking tea (with lots of milk and sugar, of course) but not all kids will. Chocolate milk and juice are perfectly acceptable. If you’re looking for a good scone recipe, we’ve got you covered. Or just lay a few store-bought cookies on a fancy plate.
  4. Set the table. My kids have their own tea cups and plates so they love setting their places at the table. It doesn’t have to be at the dining room table either. Sometimes we set up a tea party on our deck out back, in the grass or in the toy room. Make it different than normal snack time.
  5. Read your poetry. Each child can choose a poem to read and discuss. If he or she is too young to read, have them choose the poem based on pictures and you can read it.
  6. Drink and discuss. Now it’s time for sipping tea and nibbling on treats. With older students you can let the conversation happen naturally, while little ones might need more prompting.

To get you started, we’ve put together ideas for a fall-inspired tea party HERE. Enjoy it outdoors while you still can and remember to make it your own special time together!