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Educational Helps | 1 Minute

Educational Helps: Holidays Around the World

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Educational Helps: Holidays Around the World

It’s easy for kids to become hyper-focused on Santa and opening gifts at Christmas time. Who can blame them?

Come December, their daily lives are peppered with ads for toys they “need” or reminders that Santa is watching them. While Santa and gift-giving are the favorite holiday tradition in the U.S., there are many parts of the world that celebrate in other ways.

Teach your children about other holidays and holiday traditions around the world this time of year. Here is a collection of great videos, unit studies and free downloads, or read-alouds. Spend a day on each country and decorate a page with information and pictures about it to create a 'Christmas Around the World' Lap Book.