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Back to (Home)School Sale!

Written by VP Admin
Back to (Home)School Sale!

Nearly twenty years ago Veritas Press began forging the way to bring the best and most effective products to teach to your front door. With proven results, our passion for classical Christian education has only grown. Out of this passion we created the Self-Paced History, Omnibus and now Bible courses.

Now you can join the thousands of families and schools using our new self-paced courses-all at unprecedented prices for a limited time. And if you give us a call, we can set up a three easy payments plan for you. The reviews are staggering, and the results extraordinary. Take a few minutes from your educational journey to learn how your children can gain the best education possible all within a Christian worldview.

Your work and calling is difficult and time consuming, but of utmost importance! That's why we are so excited about our Self-Paced courses. Not only do they give your children the best education, they give you the help you need. So kick up your feet and let us assist. You'll be glad you did.

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For the Kingdom,

Marlin Detweiler