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Behind the Scenes | 1 Minute

A Round Table and a Circle of Stones

Marlin Detweiler Written by Marlin Detweiler
A Round Table and a Circle of Stones


The crew films Dr. Nixon outside Winchester Cathedral, the burial site of Jane Austen. Meanwhile, food stalls and street entertainers were popping up all around Winchester to prepare for Hat Fair, a festival of street theater and outdoor arts. The fair's name comes from the hats that street entertainers set out to collect money for performances.


The crew found this beautiful location just outside the Great Hall, where King Arthur's Round Table resides.


A burial site constructed under the direction of Merlin? A healing center? Or a sun worship temple? No matter what you believe, Stonehenge is as enormous in person as you would expect.

Filming Stonehenge

When the crew realized the "fence" they had permission to film outside was across the street from Stonehenge, they improvised. They drove through a field where sheep were grazing and pulled right up to the 8-foot high fence. Bet you never expected to see Dr. Nixon teaching from the roof of a VW van.