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Carolyn Hamborsky

Carolyn Hamborsky

Orders and Returns SME

Carolyn works mostly with accounts and orders behind the scenes, assisting the Service Managers with larger projects and supporting the department on the whole with returns and complex situations. She was homeschooled K-12 and worked in childcare for a large portion of her life. She spent a year in reception and scheduling for a Retina Specialist near Harrisburg and joined Veritas as a Service Representative in April of 2019.

Carolyn was home-schooled the whole way and it taught her not to put parameters around how or what she could learn about. That experience has helped her understand some of the issues families face taking the plunge and have allowed her to share positives and insight from that time in her life with our families.

Carolyn is a fiction writer and an avid reader. She enjoys participating in church life with her husband, teaching World History to her younger brother, and taking long rambling walks whenever she can.