VSA Summer Sessions A and B

​Tammy Kabakjian Written by ​Tammy Kabakjian
VSA Summer Sessions A and B

So, what are you doing this summer? If your family is like ours, then many of your plans have already changed. Within the last two weeks, all of my children have had their summer plans canceled… no summer camps, no youth mission trips, and no VBS. This was disappointing news to say the least!  

Instead of complaining, however, my children decided to use their time wisely. One asked if she could take the brand new, first-time-ever-offered Shakespearean Literature summer school course. The subject was interesting, and it counted toward her last English credit for high school. Another of my children decided to take Omnibus VI Secondary to free up some space for her 2020-2021 classes. Besides, this meant one less midterm and final exam to stress over during the school year! My youngest, who did not have a choice (wink), is taking Latin Transition I so she does not forget all she learned this past school year, and she will go directly into Latin Transition II in the fall. No lapse in learning Latin is definitely a plus. 

I, along with many other VSA teachers, will be teaching courses during Summer Sessions A and B. There are eleven different courses offered during Summer Session A and sixteen offerings during Summer Session B. While we are living in a season of unusual circumstances, doesn't it make sense to redeem the time? So, I encourage you to check out all of the great summer school courses offered by our world-class teachers. You never know – you just might find one that fits perfectly into your summer schedule!