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Top 10 Myths of Veritas Press

Written by VP Admin
Top 10 Myths of Veritas Press

Top 10 Myths of Veritas Press

Top 10 lists can be funny things. David Letterman has made a reputation, maybe a career off of them. We even found a list of the Top 10 Top 10 Lists from Letterman’s show. And, while they are quite funny, we’re not going to provide you a link to them because some of them may be offensive. So, you’ll have to google it if you want to see it.

We also found and interesting site called TopTenz. We picked a fun list from the site that is more appropriate for us, you, and others you might share this with.

Here’s the link to the “Top 10 Historical Events We’ll Never See Again.” It’s a pretty interesting list:

10. Eugene Cernan – Last Apollo Astronaut to Walk on the Moon
9. Janet Parker – Last Person to Die From Smallpox
8. Charles Carroll – Last Surviving Signer of the Declaration of Independence
7. Rainey Bethea – Last Person to be Executed in Public in the United States
6. Cleopatra VII – Last Egyptian Pharaoh
5. Adrian II – Last Married Pope
4. Last Prisoner to Leave Alcatraz
3. Last Day of the USSR
2. Last Death in WWI
1. Elizabeth Dean – Last Titanic Survivor

Veritas Press has been around many years now and we thought it would be fun to compile a Top 10 list of our own. The Top 10 Myths of Veritas Press. Sometimes myths are actually true. You’ll have to be the judge with our list. Do you think any of these are true?

10. They’re from Lancaster. Isn’t everyone there Amish?
9. The curriculum is too advanced and too hard.
8. Laurie Detweiler wears the pants around the office.
7. It’s not Moscow, where classical Christian education started.
6. They use too much repetition in the grammar school curriculum.
5. They use too much repetition in the grammar school curriculum.
4. The Detweilers are more interested in their granddaughter than they are in answering the phone.
3. They don’t think golf is a four-letter word.
2. The curriculum is too advanced for the average child.
1. If you stop by their office you can have anything you want from Veritas for free.

If you were looking for a serious blog post today, sorry. This time of year is busy for us. A little levity can go a long way help us through the busy season. No doubt you can appreciate that too.

By Marlin Detweiler

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