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The Latest from Veritas: May 2020

The Latest from Veritas: May 2020

EOYG 2020 Update

In light of the pandemic and challenges related to travel, large gatherings, unforeseen government restrictions, as well as our concern for the overall health and well-being of our families, the End of Year Gathering has been canceled. Shocking as this feels to us all, we believe this to be the wisest course of action at this time. We especially regret this for our graduating seniors, as we all were expecting to celebrate the culmination of their accomplishments in May. We shall host a virtual graduation ceremony and are considering other ways in which to honor our graduates and to create fun, EOYG-like experiences virtually. Stay tuned for updates and details to participate shortly!

Short Story Contest - Winners!

Short Story Contest - Winners! Thank you to all who participated in our Short Story Contest! We are pleased to announce the winners of each category. Check out the In the Classroom section in this month’s Epistula to read the winning entries.

Grades 4–6: Reagan Work, 4th grade

Grades: 7–9: Liberty Steng, 9th grade

Grades 10–12: Ned Potter, 10th grade

Veritas Agora: The Marketplace of Student Ideas

Have you ever had an idea but nobody to share it with? In a world full of vibrant, fascinating people, it can be difficult to find others who share our unique interests, talents, and classical background. Veritas Agora is a new website sharing exciting new content from Veritas students—designed to build a community of enthusiastic readers and passionate writers who share this love for ideas. You’re sure to find subjects that already interest you, but don’t be surprised if your attention is captured by a few new thoughts as well.

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New Job Openings with Veritas

Our people are not only our greatest asset at Veritas, they're family. We're teachers, writers, foodies, bookworms, Christ followers, and are passionate about children's education. Does reading this make your ears perk up? Do you think you have some things that you can teach us? Check out our full-time and part-time openings today

And if you're interested in seasonal or part-time work, check out the great opportunities in our Service or Shipping Departments. Plan ahead for opportunities this Spring through Fall, and apply here!


Veritas Scholars Academy consistently accepts resumés from teaching talent in all disciplines. We are especially interested in hearing from you if you have experience teaching Math-U-See. If you are a skillful and caring teacher, please submit your application materials HERE. Our teachers enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere high-speed internet is available. To learn more about our truly exceptional faculty, we welcome you to visit them HERE

Earn an Accredited Diploma with Veritas

Would you like for your student to earn an accredited diploma? Did you know that an accredited diploma can be critical in the application process to some colleges and universities? Enrolling as a full-time student at Veritas Scholars Academy is our answer. Each student who enrolls full-time will have an advisor to help plan each and every year to ensure that your student is on the right track to not only graduate on time but excel! Academic planning is difficult and the college application process can be intimidating, Veritas Academic Advisors are there to take the stress out of planning and applying to college. Sign up now for the 2020-2021 school year to ensure a spot in our online classes as Diploma students get early registration for classes in January.

Find out if its a good fit for your family in your free one-on-one consultation with one of our Expert Academic Advisors. Sign up now.

Veritas Scholars Alumni Association

Looking for fellow VSA Alumni to connect with? VSAA is a place for you to connect with one another. As our alumni base grows, you’ll establish profitable relationships all around the world and stay connected to old friends. To participate, visit our Facebook Page