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Summer Fun

Laurie Detweiler Written by Laurie Detweiler
Summer Fun

Summer is just around the corner. When my boys were younger I could not wait for those lazy days of summer to come, where we could get up everyday and explore the world around us. If you have been following Veritas Press for a while, you know that I love to find interesting things to do wherever we are. Summer was always a great opportunity for that. As I have been talking to customers recently, I know that this summer brings about some more challenging times than usual. Many of you may not be taking that summer vacation that you normally do, or if you are, you are looking at doing it differently. This very well could turn out to be the summer your children remember the most when they look back over their childhood. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the family together to plan some fun things to do that maybe ”cost less and deliver more.”

I have always been one to look for free or inexpensive activities to do with my children, but as I began to write this article and did some research, I realized that with the internet there are more things to do than you can even imagine. We all know how savvy children are online, so don’t be shy to let them get involved. Whether it’s an activity for the day or planning a whole trip, there are lots of opportunities awaiting you.

Below are some ideas that we hope you will find helpful in planning your summer.

Supper clubs are a fun way for teenagers to interact with one another and their parents to create a social interaction that provides a great opportunity for fun and the perfect place to learn and practice etiquette. Find a few other families with teenage children and invite them to become part of a supper club. You may even want to name your Supper Club as a way to make the children feel more a part of something permanent.

There are a number of ways to do Supper Clubs. Some rotate houses each month, and the person whose home it is in does all the cooking for that month. Others do it more like a progressive dinner and move from one home to the next for each of the different courses. And there is always the covered dish where each member brings a particular dish to one person’s home. But one thing is for sure, this is a great opportunity for fellowship and can be a time to host a formal dinner, encouraging children to dress up and experience a more structured evening.

As I said earlier, finding fun and free (or at least inexpensive) things to do is not too hard. Below are several web sites that are very helpful in finding things to do or locating places to visit around the country that are free or inexpensive. I’m sure if you spend time looking yourself you would find even more.

You get the idea. Even if things are different for you this year, it may end up being the best summer of your life. Fortunately for us, God gave us the gift of his creation, and there are still lots of free places to walk on the beach or take a hike up a mountain trail. May you be blessed this year as you spend those precious days of summer with your children.

Laurie Detweiler