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Educational Helps: The Best Time to Learn about Branches of Our Government

Written by Brandon Detweiler
Educational Helps: The Best Time to Learn about Branches of Our Government

While educating children I am constantly looking for those times when opportunity knocks. There is not a better time to teach about the branches of our government than now. Everyone knows that I like teaching history chronologically and from a historical perspective. Along with the overwhelming strengths this approach offers, it often has the weakness of not taking advantage of certain opportunities when they are timely. If we are to be great teachers, we can overcome this by watching for these timely moments and capturing them when they arise. With the political season behind us and the inauguration of a new president this month, I am seeking to help you do this in a small way.

We have just come through an election that I would guess has had most of your homes discussing it around the dinner table. This is an opportune time to talk about who your senators and representatives are and what their jobs entail. It is also a time to pray for these people (even those we may not necessarily agree with) and teach our children about the providence of God.

Below is a wonderful website that will help your children understand how our government functions. This site is done so that there are different age levels to choose from (3rd - 12thgrades).

Click here for a web site with overall information on the three branches of the United States government.


Laurie Detweiler