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Educational Helps – Summer Reading Contest

Written by Jesse Brooks
Educational Helps – Summer Reading Contest

I was surprised to find that (according to a Pew Research Center survey in 2016) even though more people are starting to read ebooks on tablets and smartphones, print books continue to be the popular choice for reading. Even among children, 76% of parents said that their children prefer print books over digital books. Their reasons range from their children’s enjoyment picking books from the library to how they like turning the pages. The survey didn’t mention the comforting smell of a new book, but I know that’s one reason why I prefer to read in print. Whatever medium your child prefers to read, we encourage them to take part in our annual Summer Reading Contest!

Please encourage your children to be a part of the contest this summer. It begins now and continues through September 15, 2017. We only ask that you as parents or teachers verify what the children have read, and then, after they have met their goals, complete the online entry form. Please encourage them to read good literature, not just look for a book that meets the page count criteria. Click here to download a reading chart if you would like to track your student’s progress.

Veritas Press Reading Contest Rules
Reading Quantity
– Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: 40 Easy Readers (ex., Frog and Toad are Friends)
– 3rd & 4th Grades: 25 books of at least 125 pages (ex., The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
– 5th & 6th Grades: 25 books of at least 150 pages (ex., Treasure Island)
– 7th – 12th Grades: 25 books of at least 200 pages (ex., The Fellowship of the Ring)
After the child has completed the readings, entries must be submitted online by 5:00 PM EDT, September 15, 2017.
The first 250 submissions in each age division will be given a $10 gift certificate.
An additional drawing will be held from all submissions and will be announced in the October Epistula.

There will be three winners from the drawing.
$150 First Prize
$100 Second Prize
$70 Third Prize
Need some suggestions? Check out our summer reading lists.


Lexi Detweiler