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Educational Helps - Mothers Day

Written by Laurie Detweiler

As I sit down to write this, my house is eerily silent, and I hate to admit it, but I am exhausted.  I am the only one home, which is very unusual, but it does give me a glimpse into the not to distant future. My oldest, Jameson is away at college, my second son Brandon and his father are playing in a golf tournament, my third son, Travis is rehearsing a play and my youngest, Parker, has just left the house with twelve of his AAU Basketball teammates. The only reason I am at home is to clean up and get supper ready as Parker’s team is spending the weekend with us. Usually I would have been running back and forth from one event to the next. At about two a.m. this morning I was questioning whether or not Marlin and I had lost our minds to take this on. All I wanted to do was sleep in a quiet house. Parker’s team is qualifying for nationals in Philadelphia and the majority of the team live about an hour further away than we do. Sitting here now I know we did the right thing, because soon they will all be gone from under our roof and I will lament the fact that I do not need to get dinner ready for twelve starving boys. Being a mother is not always glamorous, but there is nothing in the world that brings more rewards.


No matter what stage of life you are in, mothering, if you are doing your job is exhausting. There are not too many days in the last twenty-one years of my life that I can say I have not fallen into bed exhausted, wondering how I was going to get up and do it all over again. But, we all do get up, because a mother’s love is never ending. As I look back now I can say I don’t regret one moment of sleepless nights, or one more drive in the car to get to an event, in fact, I am looking forward to being able to help my children with my grandchildren.


Marlin and I have been blessed, we both have mother’s who in their own way gave tirelessly of themselves for their children. It’s funny the things you remember, but I can remember waking up in the middle of the night as a young child to find my mother at the sewing machine, working away. Later on I would find out that she was making me a trunk full of doll clothes for Christmas. My son Travis will be spending the summer at Carnegie Mellon University in their musical theater program. He hopes to pursue a degree in musical theater and business. The reason I tell you this, is I can remember his first venture into acting. When he was in kindergarten he was the strong man in the play. He arrived home one day to tell me he needed a strong man costume. I was the mother of four young children at that point, so whenever anyone added anything to my list of todo’s it would overwhelm me. I ran all over town for days to assemble what was needed, and then stayed up the majority of a night to sew the “mustles” into his leotard. I can still see his chubby little face when he put on that suit. I think I knew then that he was called to the stage. You see we never know what God is going to use in our children’s lives that may seen irrelevant at the time.


Well I am sorry if I have bored you with my reminiscing at this time. We can all look back and remember those nights without sleep, trying to figure out how to get through the day, but at the end of it all I can promise you there will never be anything else you do in your life that will bring you more of a gift, then hearing the voice of your grown child say, “I love you Mom, Thanks!”