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Educational Helps: Preparing for the School Year

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Educational Helps: Preparing for the School Year

It’s hard to believe the start of the school  year is almost upon us. Many of us are trying to navigate a new form of schooling in one way or another. Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler, or if you’re brand new to “this homeschooling thing”, we’d like to share some helpful tips for starting off on the right foot. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go as smoothly as planned this year. It’s important to remember that God is in control and we will all get through this together.

  • Take advantage of the orientation meetings for both parents and students. It’s the best way to build a virtual support system and get your initial questions answered.
  • Before school starts, go through and tag all of the worksheets/assignments that must be submitted to VSA DP for evaluation. That way, once you complete it you can set it aside in a folder to upload later, or upload immediately to Schoology.
  • Sign up for a Live Online or Self-Paced Course to take some of the burden off you, and into the hands of our fun and engaging teachers.
  • If you still need to submit paperwork to your state, create a homeschool master binder for each child so that you have all of your paperwork in one place. For non-VSA students this includes:
    • Laws for your state. Print out a new copy each year for your master binder. 
    • Tax write-off information for your state.
    • Transcript
    • Attendance 
    • Year at a glance
    • Grade Keepers 
    • Grading Scale 
    • Scripted Lesson Plans 
    • Field trip tracker
    • Goals for the Year 
    • List or calendar for holidays. 
  • Just like a grocery list, have an ongoing supplies list of things you need in the classroom for upcoming projects or items you may have forgotten or run out of. Alexa has an easy feature for creating lists.
  • Have busy bags on hand to keep younger children occupied while you teach the older kids. Some items you can include in busy bags are: stickers, play dough, things to build with, cups for stacking, coloring sheets, etc. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but make sure to only pull them out during school time.
  • Figure out a routine that works for your family. The online class schedule you can’t change but
  • Set goals with your children. What are some things they want to learn this year? Make it a point to incorporate them into the curriculum through field trips and unit studies.