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Educational Helps - Easter

Written by Laurie Detweiler

It is hard to believe that spring is upon us and Easter is just around the corner. With that comes the realization that the school year is almost over. It is hard for me to believe, but our second child will be graduating and is off to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, to play on the golf team (and study business). The next few years are ones where we have children leaving the nest one right after the other. Of course this causes me to become sentimental and think back to days gone by. For those of you who have been reading epistula, you have probably figured out that we love holidays, and especially the days leading up to them. My children, now 15 to 20 years old, still want the same traditions. They expect certain things that I would have thought would have left their minds as they aged. When certain decorations do not appear around the house, one of my children in particular always asks, where is such and such? Sometimes as we get busy finishing up the school year, we become so intent on finishing and getting to the summer that we forget to enjoy the task at hand, and the learning can become laborious.


Below find a list of fairly simple ideas that might perk up the last few weeks of your school year.


1.       Move your classroom outside for the day.

2.       Select some new background music to play during your school day.

3.       Go on that last field trip that you have been putting off.

4.       Find a play, symphony or opera to attend.

5.       Work extra hard in the morning and spend the afternoon reading a good book together.

6.       Turn your history or Bible cards into a play instead of doing the worksheet and test.

7.       Surprise your children or class with a special snack that has to do with their lessons.

8.       Take a walk around the block in the middle of the day to give yourself some energy.

9.       Make a centerpiece for Easter. 

10.    Plan a movie night for your teenagers and their friends.

11.    For high school students have some homeschooling families get together or have your class have a debate a topic that brings worldview to the forefront of the students’ minds.

12.    Get a goldfish. (I always got a goldfish for my children every spring, and it never made it to the next year.)

13.    Go out to lunch.

14.    Watch a travelogue on Jerusalem, so the children can better relate to the Easter story.

15.    Spring clean your classroom; you always feel better after that.

16.    Plant some flowers and write a report about the growing process.

17.    Practice your Shurley Grammar letter-writing skills by writing a letter to grandparents or find some people in a nursing home that would really appreciate the letters.

18.    If you are homeschooling, have Dad teach for a day.

19.    Make some fresh lemonade.