Educational Helps - Back to School

Written by Laurie Detweiler

For many of you school will begin next week. Our household is starting to prepare for this event. If you are like me, it brings mixed emotions as we jump into a schedule and all the activities for the children. But, it also is an exciting time as we prepare for the learning that will be taking place. If you read the last epistula, hopefully you now have your year planned. One of the purposes for this as you know is to allow time for you to plan those wonderful enrichment activities that will bring your curriculum alive for your students.


 As soon as I finish this article, I am actually going to collect the materials to make an eight foot "Hobbit" map for the children to track the path of the Ring as they read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy over the next few weeks. I am also working on a feast for Spanish class that will consist of arroz con pollo, plantains, black beans and flan. And much work is going on in the planning of logic and rhetoric boot camp. As you might expect, this takes quite a bit of planning, but the learning experience is well worth the effort.


Our children have come to expect that, along with the rigorous academic standards that have been set, they will also have a wonderful year of field trips and hands-on experiences. You might think that these things happen only in grammar school, but that is not the case. Even the older children appreciate them. You just need to change them to be age appropriate.


This summer as I spoke at a few conventions, I did a talk on creative teaching. See the Free Offers below for how to receive the file that includes this talk and also the handouts from this seminar. I hope that these will prove to be helpful to you as you begin your new school year.