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Education Helps - Back to School Lap Books

Written by Jesse Brooks
Education Helps - Back to School Lap Books

Some of you are probably planning the next school year by now: ordering books, organizing lesson plans and writing out your children’s schedules. Others (myself included) are in denial that the start of the school year is right around the corner. There’s still time for more ice cream cones, afternoons at the pool and one last trip to the beach. But it’s inevitable. The sun is setting sooner and nights are getting cooler.

If you’re having a hard time committing to the idea that school is starting, it’s likely your kids are, too. But do not fear, you don’t have to chain them to a desk just yet. There are lots of creative ways to ease back into schoolwork, including one of our favorite ways, the lap book. Choose a favorite summer topic like water sports, bugs, plants, the beach, etc. and create a lap book about it. Another fun idea is to create an “All About Me” lap book. Include photos, physical attributes, likes/dislikes, fun things they did over the summer, what they want to learn this year, etc. Then save the lap book and have them create another one at the end of the school year. Let them see how much they’ve grown!

Looking for some inspiration? Get creative and add use some of the materials on this list.


By Lexi Detweiler