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Answers: Equal Opportunity and Our "Invitation Only" Courses

Marlin Detweiler Written by Marlin Detweiler
Answers:  Equal Opportunity and Our "Invitation Only" Courses
As a precaution for many concerns forums on the internet frequently restrict publishers (and those with a vested interest in a particular program) from answering or entering into conversations. We at Veritas Press are not permitted to enter conversations on The Well Trained Mind forum. We believe such a policy is appropriate. Yet, it puts us in a position of watching conversations with factual errors that will sometimes go even further off course when we could easily clarify the question or concern. On a forum thread of The Well Trained Mind community we recently read:
“Thanks for the information. I will definitely read the samples that are available. I have watched one of the samples for the new self-paced omnibus and was pleasantly surprised that several different interpretations of creation were discussed and it seemed to me that they gave them equal time. My major concern is that I don't want dd exposed to the idea that she should be limited in any way due to being female. One of the things that VP offers that I am very interested in is Linear Algebra which is now invitation only. I don't want to bother to start with their math sequence if she might not be allowed into that class for any reason other than not applying herself.”
We are in the process of establishing a forum of our own where questions can be posed directly and we can answer questions posed elsewhere as seems fitting. Until the forum is established we have decided to use this blog to answer questions and concerns. If you have other questions, feel free to post them on our Facebook page or email them to Here is our response to the above Well Trained Mind thread: We don’t believe the daughter mentioned, nor any woman, should be limited because they are female. We do respect many who are part of the patriarch movement that tends to be the source of this kind of limitation. For instance, they have frequently been quite effective in instructing boys to become Godly men—a message that is timely and biblical. That is a good thing. It doesn’t follow that women should be put down or held back. Proverbs 31 provides us a picture of the model wife. She is obviously studied and astute—able to deal with very sophisticated matters on behalf of her family. She is a force to be reckoned and a helpmate to her husband. We don’t believe she will become such a woman by having her education limited. We assume the reference in the quote above is to what we call Calculus II. We do not offer a course called Linear Algebra—which should not be confused with Algebra I or II. Calculus II nor any course we offer is by “invitation only.” There are pre-requisites for courses and someone taking a course elsewhere will be expected to prove they are ready for a given course that we offer for their sake and the sake of the other students in the course. We have seen the frustration of students taking courses for which they are not ready. “By invitation only” in our offerings is the “Highest Honors” diploma track for home schooled students seeking a VPSA diploma. This is both an ambitious academic undertaking and requires a student to demonstrate incredible giftedness and work ethic in addition to being a well rounded, highly engaged high school student. The student must be recommended by the faculty before being considered by the administration. We currently have only three students in the Highest Honors, two of which are young women.