Stone Soup

Marcia Brown has done a delightful job in the retelling of this old French tale. Three soldiers come marching toward a French village seeking food and shelter. The peasants fear that their food will be taken, so they busy themselves and hide it. The soldiers put their heads together and devise a clever plan to both satisfy their hunger and teach the peasants (and the reader) a lesson of sharing and kindness. Soft 46p
  1. Love it!
    My grandmother always said, "Work smarter not harder." This story is a great example of that. There is humor to be found in how the hungry soldiers use their brains to get some stingy villagers to share some food. Also a great life lesson on why everybody pitching in can benefit all. The historical picture it provides of a different era is a bonus. Lots of good conversations to be had with the reading of this book. Don't just read it to your child, discuss it! My seventh grader first heard it as a read aloud for kindergarten and still smiles when she sees it today and starts talking about its plot.

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