Genesis to Joshua - Self-Paced Course

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With the Genesis to Joshua, Self-Paced Course students will work at their own pace covering 32 important events from Creation to Joshua’s Last Words. Teaching is interactive with clever games and striking video footage. Abigail, working playfully with her brother, Asher, co-host the course, along with Teb, an aloof cat, and Tizzy, the pesky gnat, and will keep the student engaged the entire year. Your children will learn the Bible beyond your wildest imagination. We guarantee it. This is so much fun that you'll find it hard to pull your child away. No one needs to be told how important it is for us to learn the Bible. Yet, most of us fail to make it happen. Now it has become not only possible but easy.

Parents that Choose Self-Paced Bible Courses:

- Have one less subject to teach

- Don't have to grade any assignments

- Can see their students progress at all times

- Have kids that are excited to learn

- Free up more time in your day

- Have so much fun they don't know they're doing "school"

- Can work wherever there is internet access

- Progress at their own pace

- Enjoy review that is as fun as a video game

- Will master what they are learning

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