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Trisha Fuller

Trisha Fuller

Service Representative

As a Veritas service representative, Trisha helps families find the perfect fit for their unique homeschool situations. She is passionate about the many benefits that come from a classical Christian education and loves to share with others how this methodology can be used in their homeschools, with numerous priceless rewards.

As part of an Air Force family, Trisha has experienced twenty years of moving around, which was one of the many reasons she and her husband decided to homeschool their three children from the very beginning. They found Veritas early on in their quest for a quality classical Christian education and have now been using VP materials to varying degrees since 2009. They have used a bit of everything from each discipline through the early high school years. Self-Paced courses were a favorite with everyone, but the shining star with their youngest—hands down—was Bede's! He dearly wished that there was a stuffed Bede out there!

Trisha graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1999 with a B.S. in Meteorology and served as a meteorologist for five years before separating in order to stay home with her children. In the years following, She has thoroughly enjoyed all the quality time she has been able to spend with her children, as well as learning history in a profound way right alongside them; all while keeping God at the center of it all. It's been quite a blessing for her and her family!

Trisha's family loves the settled down lifestyle of coastal Florida! After moving around the country for the past 20 years, they are all thankful to finally have a place to call home. When they aren't busy with one of their 3 kids' various activities, tending to dog duties, or trying—in vain—to stop time from slipping away too quickly, Trisha enjoys gardening, hiking in whatever mountain range she can get to, relaxing on the beach with a good book in hand, coffee in the morning, and sunsets in the evening.