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Yearbook Club - Live Online Club


Join the Yearbook club and help create a piece of living history that you can hold in your hand! At its inception, the yearbook committee determined to call the VSA yearbook Legato, which is generally understood to mean "in a smooth and flowing manner without breaks between notes" and in Italian literally means "bound." So the task of the Yearbook Club will be to take pictures and artifacts from our global online community throughout the year, bind them together in a beautiful and cohesive book that people will treasure for years to come! Participants will meet with their club leader periodically throughout the year to determine theme, layout, picture procurement, workload distribution, and design elements, and will all be given access to work in Josten's Yearbook Avenue, where the book will be created. Participants will learn basic elements of graphic design, photo editing, teamwork, and theme implementation. This club does demand more volunteer hours than most clubs, but your hard labors will garner much appreciation from the whole school community as well. It is well worth the effort! Sign up today! 

Schedule and further details will be released in September. Club begins in October.

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