Western Civilization - Live Online Course

Item No: SA0603

The river of Western civilization runs deep with the events of the historic Christian faith. Students seeking a survey-style overview of Western civilization will quickly see that God has been at work through all of history—not just during the time period of the Bible. Starting from the Beginning, the course will quickly progress into ancient Greek and Roman times and work its way to the present. This course is a perfect complement to the Omnibus I, II, IV or V Survey courses. Homework will average 2 - 3 hours per week.

Western Civilization is taught by an expert instructor in the Veritas Virtual Classroom and is limited to only 20 students per course.

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Courses begin September 5th and end May 18th. To view the complete Academic Calendar click HERE.


Minimum age of 12 on the first day of class.


Western Civilization (580035)