The "Urfaust" (also known as Faust in its original form) is Goethe's first draft for his later play Faust. It originated, parallel to the suffering of the young Werthers, 1772 to 1775 in Frankfurt / Main. Trigger for the material processing was the conviction and execution of the child murderer Susanna Margaretha Brandt, whose trial must have pursued Goethe, as the found after his death with him copies of court documents show. In 1775 Goethe read for the first time at the court of Weimar, thereafter also in the Erfurt castle Stedten, which was in the possession of his family friend Keller, from the Urfaust. The audience was enthusiastic about the unconventional form and language. Afterwards, Goethe was repeatedly pushed to complete the play, among others by his friend Friedrich Schiller.

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