The Seven Laws of Teaching


You gotta read this. The Seven Laws of Teaching has been a well-worn tool for classical educators. Little did we know the version most of us had had been long stripped of the extensive Christian understanding and application the author had originally included. Now the original is back! Five stars! Soft 162p

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Like Omnibus III, Omnibus VI covers modern U.S. and British history. But like Omnibus IV and V it studies more difficult texts, incorporates the growing rhetorical nature of the student, and engages them at a more mature, higher academic level. Teaching with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information.

Everything You Need in one Place

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning "all encompassing". Completing Omnibus VI will provide the student a full credit in Modern U.S. and British History II, Doctrine and Theology VI, and Modern U.S. and British Literature II.