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Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit

Editors: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Recommended for your third and fourth graders who have a solid foundation of basic level math skills, the award-winning Saxon 5/4 curriculum introduces more complex concepts and begins to prepare students for higher levels of math found in the late grammar stage of learning. The Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit includes the 3rd edition of the student text, solutions manual, and tests and worksheets volume.

Focusing on algebraic reasoning and geometric concepts, Saxon 5/4 continues to employ a spiral learning approach that introduces new material incrementally while continuously reviewing concepts already learned. Topics the course covers include number sense, numeration, numerical operations, measurement and geometry, patterns, relationships, math functions, and data manipulation. Students will learn to add three-digit numbers, subtract numbers with regrouping, estimate arithmetic answers, divide with two-digit answers, multiply three or more factors, simplify fraction answers, use a decimal number line, and more. 

We strongly believe young minds are far more capable than many people think, and that's why we recommend using this program ahead of the stated grade level—something John Saxon himself told us he supported. With the help of incremental advances and the practice, practice, practice of daily review, your young scholar will rise to the challenge of grasping concepts and experience the triumph of ever-improving mastery.

What’s included:
  • Student text
  • Tests and worksheets volume
  • Solutions manual
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