Rhetoric I - You Teach Kit


The Rhetoric I - You Teach kit includes A Rhetoric of Love student text and teacher edition.  

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  A Rhetoric of Love asks how we can do that in our speaking and writing and living.  How ought Christ's followers try to persuade others?  How should their rhetorical efforts look different from those of the world around them?  How can they seek to persuade with empathy, understanding, compassion?  How can they listen to others - really listen - and then speak the truth in love?

Here A Rhetoric of Love offers a corrective.  It turns to the Bible for guidance. It seeks to follow and teach the powerful example of Jesus's words and deeds.  A Rhetoric of Love shows high school students a better way to persuade.

This is the answer that classical Christian education has needed.  

What’s included:
  • Rhetoric of Love Teacher
  • Rhetoric of Love Student
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