Novare Physical Science Student Text

Editors: Novare

Designed for grades 6-8, this physical science course combines mastery, integration, and Kingdom perspective to draw students into scientific inquiry and break the cram-pass-forget cycle to truly learn and retain course material. The Novare Physical Science Student Text goes deep with a select array of key topics: types of matter, energy, order and design in creation, forces and fields,  measurement, motion, sound and light, electricity and magnetism, and the nature of scientific knowledge. 

The 3rd edition of the student text includes some discussion of epistemology (What kind of knowledge does science give us, and how is that different from biblical revelation?) and references to art, music, architecture, technology, and literature to add greater dimension and de-compartmentalize science. In addition, this text discusses worldview issues like the meaning of the presence of order in the universe and how this points to a Creator behind it, as well as the nature of truth, theories, facts, hypotheses, and the nature of scientific knowledge. A Christian worldview and love for Christ come through as the author leads the reader to wonder at and care for God's great world.

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