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Old Testament & Ancient Egypt Flashcards

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Old Testament & Ancient Egypt Flashcards cover 32 events during the Old Testament and in Ancient Egypt. Students will learn through informative and engaging flashcards, starting with Creation and ultimately concluding with the fall of Egypt to Rome. Our history series applies the time-proven classical method of memorizing a timeline with supporting facts.

Recommended to use with the Self-Paced Course or the teacher’s manual and memory song CD to make learning fun and effective.

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  1. Wonderful
    Love these cards . Beautiful and so much information
  2. Very helpful
    We use these regularly along with the online program. They are helpful for a quick overview before tests and quizzes.
  3. wonderful!
    We have loved this course and the flash cards. My daughter is 8 and always looks forward to hearing the Great Sphynx talk about history. The games are fun and engaging. We will be Veritas customers for years.
  4. The flashcards and the on line lessons are all great!! Our granddaughter who finds school difficult loves them too. I do now have to fight with her to do her online history class. Thank you!!!
    5 Stars!!!
  5. Love them
    My son is very happy using the cards. They are a great way to review stories he is reading in the Illustrated Bible
  6. Wonderful
    Very happy with the product!
  7. Robust and excellent
    This is the type of caliber we want for our children. Your flashcards are very well done. We love this program -- this is our third self paced history course. Thank you for making history memorable and fun without compromising the Truth!
  8. 5 stars
    No, you don't HAVE to have these cards, but you will wish you did! The Flashcards are a phenomenal addition to the self-paced History course. My 8 year old loves the course and flashcards, he is even more attentive and interactive during our Bible time. He is connecting History and Scripture and that is our goal.
  9. Very good!
    My son loves VP Ancient History and these cards are key for his tactile nature. In his free time, he will thumb through the cards, looking at the dates are analyzing the pictures. My heart soared though one day when he loudly exclaimed to his older brother that he couldn't wait to find out what happened to Abram!
  10. Old Test. & Egypt Flashcards
    My kids love the Old Test. & Egypt Flashcards! They loved memorizing the song and enjoyed learning about all the wonderful and amazing events in that time period. The cards are such an easy way for kids to learn history. They also provide parents a convenient method in teaching the subject.

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