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Novare General Chemistry You Teach Kit

Editors: Novare

Designed for high school students, this chemistry course combines mastery, integration, and Kingdom perspective to draw students into scientific inquiry and break the cram-pass-forget cycle to truly learn and retain course material. The Novare General Chemistry You Teach Kit comprises these essentials:

  • The 2nd edition of the student text, written in a fresh, lucid style that integrates related subjects right into the narrative. This approach allows students to see the connections among disciplines and how the work of great scientists who came before enhances today's discoveries. The text also guides students to do science from a biblical worldview, observing order in the universe, how nature submits to scientific study and modeling, and the fitness of creation as a habitat for humanity and animal life.
  • The solutions manual, a one-stop teacher's or grader's reference with step-by-step solutions to all textbook calculations, exercises, quizzes, and exams. 
  • A resource CD that contains tools for planning the year, such as a daily lesson list and sample semester schedule that advises when to schedule assignments, experiment days, and quiz days. Fall and spring semester exams are included, as are answer keys.
  • Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home, which features well-designed experiments to draw students into a real chemist's experience to learn and apply universal safety procedures, correct terminology and apparatus, skills of measurement, recording, documentation, cleanup, and waste disposal. This book also lists low-cost alternatives to expensive equipment and recommendations for procuring small quantities of chemicals.


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