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Novare Experiments for Introductory Physics and ASPC

Editors: Novare

High school lab experiments put students in the mode of the scientist and demonstrate how scientific investigation works. They have the power to reveal to students the importance of accuracy, precision, and attention to detail like few other activities in life. Novare Experiments for Introductory Physics and ASPC (Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry) includes six in-depth experiments—with lab reports—designed to deepen student comprehension far more than a multitude of surface-level activities.

The author's goal was to develop experiments that are academically solid, inexpensive, and interesting. The book even includes a resource page listing lab materials that will work at home and where they can be purchased. Each lab includes learning objectives, materials required, experimental purpose, overview, pre-lab discussion questions, how to score lab reports, student instructions, and illustrations.

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