Novare Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Student Text

Editors: Novare

Uniting the historic Christian faith with up-to-date geological science, the Novare Earth Science: God's World, Our Home Student Text is what many Christian educators have longed for. In this course, author Kevin Nelstead regularly draws readers to appreciate the intricacy and excellence of God's works. Written for middle schoolers, the text is designed to guide learners into close engagement with the subject matter and provide a solid education while fostering a sense of wonder and responsibility for God's amazing world.

Within the context of the fascinating study of landforms, minerals, and planetary phenomena, many other timely and important topics are covered, including conservation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, and environmental justice, as well as the current scientific consensus concerning geologic history. The 2nd edition of the student text features vibrant graphics, lucid conversational prose, and an approach that connects students with real-world science as stewards of God's creation.

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