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Novare Chemistry for Accelerated Students You Teach Kit

Editors: Novare

Do you have a science lover in your family who aspires to enter a STEM-oriented college program? Novare Chemistry for Accelerated Students You Teach Kit will help you keep your student engaged and striding toward that goal. The kit contains these essentials:

  • The stuent text, which features beautiful illustrations, a lucid narrative, and Novare's tradmark mastery learning paradigm and Kingdom perspective. Presenting a more intense treatment of the subject than Novare's General Chemistry, this accelerated text includes additional chapters on thermochemistry, chemical equilibrium, and a glimpse into organic chemistry.
  • Digital resoureces that provide the teacher with tools to conduct the course, including a course overview, quizzes, chapter tests, semester exams, keys, weekly review guides, and more.
  • The Novare Solutions Manual to Accompany Chemistry for Accelerated Students, which contains fully detailed solutions for all the computational problems in the student text. This helpful book allows students to see not only the correct answers for chapter calculation problems but how to get to them.
  • Novare Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home, a volume designed to help students conduct 18 top quality experiments where standard lab facilities are not available. Students are drawn into a real chemist's experience to write lab reports and learn and apply universal safety procedures, correct terminology and apparatus, skills of measurement, recording, documentation, cleanup, and waste disposal. This book also gives low-cost alternatives to expensive equipment and recommendations for procuring small quantities of chemicals.

Note: Algebra II is a corequisite for this course, and it is highly recommended students have a prior course in physics. The text assumes that certain foundational physics skills and concepts are already grasped.


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