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Novare Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home

Editors: Novare

In contexts without a lab facility, conducting effective chemistry experiments is one of the greatest challenges. Homeschooling families may be tempted to resort to "easy experiments using household items," but the result can quickly become little more than a magic show. Novare Chemistry Experiments for High School at Home is a student manual designed to bring top-quality chemistry experiments to the home environment.

A total of 19 well-designed experiments draw students into a real chemist's experience to learn and rightly apply universal safety procedures, correct apparatus and terminology, skills of measurement, recording, documentation, and cleanup and waste disposal. Well-educated students also will take some time to learn the background of the experiment, how to analyze results, and how to write a premier lab report. This book also lists low-cost alternatives to expensive equipment and advice for procuring small quantities of chemicals.

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