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Novare Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry You Teach Kit

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Designed to be an ideal first science course for young but accelerated/honors high schoolers, Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry (ASPC) draws learners upward into the adult world of science. The course, about 70 percent physics and 30 percent basic chemistry, is best for students who love science, are strong in math, and aspire to a technical career or college program. The Novare Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry You Teach Kit contains these essentials:

  • The 2nd edition of the student text, which provides a unified, in-depth scope, teaching students to use correct terminology and communicate in succinct technical writing. The trademark Novare commitment to a biblical worldview and integration of history, mathematics, and communicaiton skills is prominent as the student considers weighty questions: What is a theory and what is it not? What is knowledge? What kind of information does science give us? What does it mean that humans can observe and understand the world? And what does it mean that mathematics is able to model the natural world?
  • Digital resources to help the teacher conduct the course. Printable documents include a course overview, quizzes, semester exams, computational answer keys, and more.
  • Solutions manual, a useful supplement designed to help students understand how to work out the problems and calculations in chapter exercises.
  • Novare Experiments for Introductory Physics and Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry, which contains six experiments designed to teach procedures and skills used in real science labs. Students will learn scientific notation, metric prefixes, and unit conversions, as well as how to keep a lab journal and write lab reports.

Please note the math in this course is at the Algebra I level, but exercises are intentionally a little more challenging. After completing this course, students will be prepared to go on to Novare Chemistry for Accelerated Students.

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