Novare Accelerated Physics and Chem Solutions Manual


Steps to solving calculation problems in Introductory Physics, 2nd edition.

The Solutions Manual is a useful supplement to students, homeschooling environments, or anyone who would like help with the working out of calculation problems in Introductory Physics.

Appropriate for grade-level 9th to 11th grade students, Introductory Physics incorporates math, history, and epistemology alongside the beautiful graphics and lucid text in a modestly-sized volume that students will appreciate. 

This book was designed for grade-level freshmen, but it is also suitable for physics in the sophomore or junior year. In fact, optional chapters are added for the benefit of schools where physics occurs in 10th or 11th grade and students can move more quickly through the material. Mathematical problems are rigorous and challenging, but only assume that students are taking Algebra I concurrently. 

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